8 Reasons Why Harry Potter is Better Than You


When it comes to escaping danger, mystifying others with his magic, and even getting the girls, Harry Potter is the man.  If you don’t believe me here’s 8 reasons why Harry Potter is better than you:

  1. He Can Do Magic
    Probably the most obvious of them all, Harry can perform magic.  Can you?  No.

  2. He Has An Invisibility Cloak
    No matter who you are I’m sure you’ve wished you could turn invisible at least once in your life.  Well Harry can, enough said.

  3. He is Filthy Rich
    Harry has a bank vault loaded with shiny gold coins that his parents left him.  Cha-Ching!

  4. He Can Fly
    Yes he uses a broom to fly, but he can still fly circles around you while you are stuck on the ground wishing that was you soaring around.
  5. He Can See the Future
    Even when Harry is sleeping he is still more amazing than you.  He has dreams letting him see what is about to happen in the near future.
  6. He Has His Own Line of Video Games
    More than likely Harry has you beat on this one too!  He has numerous video games based on him.  The closest you’ll get to this is … well you won’t so it doesn’t matter.
  7. He Survived Being Killed
    You could possibly come close to matching Harry on this one, but he fought of being killed as a baby!  The only thing you did at that age was dirty your diaper.
  8. He Gets the Girls
    Like it or not Harry Potter beats you at getting the girls too!  Ginny, Cho, Hermione, the Patil twins – they all love him!  Watch out or he might take your girl too!


一条回应 to “8 Reasons Why Harry Potter is Better Than You”

  1. lol Says:

    lol this might just be so funny chuck norris might have to come give harry potter a lesson with his foot. and yes you are made of suck and fail; you might as well end your life now, seeing as how chuck norris is probly already there. actually by the time u read this, no no no, lemme rephrase that, by the time evryone else reads this, chuck norris will have a ready round house kicked you. :mrgreen:


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