utorrent 1.7.1稳定版因传播不利数据被各BT网站封杀

请各位BT爱好者注意,费了几个月劲生出来的µtorrent 1.7.1现在已经被leecherslair Ban了.这个新版本包含一个特性,会发送你的IP地址和上传/下载信息给美国电影协会(MPAA)和美国唱片行业协会(RIAA);.绝大多数BT网站现在都在BAN掉版本1.7和1.7.1. 我们建议,任何使用这个版本的用户立刻把它从电脑里面卸掉,然后下载µtorrent 1.6.1.含原文.

下载:µtorrent 1.6.1


Jul-16-07 – µtorrent 1.7.1 stable release BANNED!!! – (Merlin)

µtorrent 1.7.1 has now been banned from leecherslair. The new version contains a feature that sends your IP and upload/download information to the MPAA and the RIAA. Most sites are now in the process of banning versions 1.7 & 1.7.1

We suggest that any member using this software immediately removes it from their computers and downgrade to µtorrent 1.6.1 which can be found at the link below.







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