Hello…It’s Your Plants Calling 你家的植物也能打电话了

botanicalls.jpgWe all know that we’re supposed to talk to our plants (and maybe give them an occasional hug) to make them healthier, but now the plants are talking back. A company called Botanicalls have merged plant care with telecommunications, devising and constructing a way to bring container gardening to the 21st century: using their system, your plants will call you on the phone when they need to be watered, when they haven’t gotten enough, and to thank you when they’re no longer thirsty.

With a duo of goals — keeping the plants alive by translating the communication protocols of the plants (leaf habit, color of foliage, droop, etc) to more common human communication protocols (email, voice phone calls, digital visualizations, etc) and making a connection between people and plants by exploring and visualizing people’s emotional connection to plants and the ways plants help humans — the project empowers communication between plants and people. Hey, the more plants around, the better, right? See the plants in action, making some calls at a video over at Reuters and see what’s in store for Phase 2 after the jump.


The system currently involves a soil moisture sensor, hardware and software to interpret that data, and a call to a lounge phone; phase to will include a bunch of new features including a light sensor, display, ambient sensors, output to the web and email, as well as calls to your personal cell phone (not just the one connected to the plant). You’ll even be able to call and check on the plants status.

There are currently 10 plants rigged up with the system; listen to the Scotch Moss tell its caretaker they’ve been slacking off, and to the Fiddleleaf Fig when it has had its fill of water. Watch the Botanicalls animation to learn more about the project, or visit their site to get all the details. ::Botanicalls via ::Reuters原文在这里


*ring ring* “Hello?” “FEED ME, SEYMOUR!”

I don’t even like PEOPLE calling me, so why hell would I want to have my fucking cactus nagging me on the phone? (这个家伙人的电话都不想接……)

Man gets phone call.”guy’s I gotta go, my marigolds are hungry”

“Ring. Ring” “ummm…hello?” “hi, is this 271-9834?” “nope, this is 271-9384.” “Oh. sorry” (植物也打错电话了……)

This is genius for all the wrong reasons. Love the fact the Scotch Moss plant had a Scottish accent. “Thank YA!” (苏格兰的植物会有苏格兰口音?)

Why do I always think it says pants? (为什么想到的是内裤= =)

What next? Furbys calling you when they are hungry?


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