6-foot neon Apple logo on eBay

What is the one thing that strikes fear in the heart of any Apple geek’s spouse? Why, the thought that their Mac-obsessed partner might one day bring home a nearly 6-foot tall neon Apple logo, of course! And for one unlucky person, that nightmare may become a reality.

Apple Authorized dealer Mac Resource of Huntsville, AL is auctioning the 5-foot to 10-inch sign on eBay, which has stood proudly on their exterior wall for many years. According to the description, the sign works perfectly, and the company who made the sign will be taking it down and crating it for shipment. All you have to do is come up with thousands and thousands of dollars. (Currently, the bidding is up to $2600 with an unmet reserve, so no telling what Mac Resource hopes to get).

I know just where I’ll put it! (I’m sure my wife will come to love it in time..)

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Cookie O’ Puss for the tip!



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