What does 120 calories look like?

Cheesy puffs, 23g

Three small apples, 270g

Wine gums, 40g

Half a chocolate, caramel and nougat bar, 26g

One spiced sausage, 25g

150g pot of fat-free Greek yoghurt plus one small banana, 80g

One oatcake spread with 10g (2 tsp) peanut butter

Half carton beef and vegetable soup (300mls)

Small pot of chocolate mousse, 125g

One small sausage roll, 32g

Vegetable samosa, 36g

Edam cheese, 35g

Wine gums, 40g

Two mini scotch eggs

Pork sausage, grilled, 40g

One thin slice of pizza, 50g

Sugar-free-muesli (15g or 1 tbsp) and a 125g pot of low-fat yoghurt

Jam doughnut, 37g


Bagel with cream cheese and salmon: 30g bagel, 5g (1 tsp) cream cheese, 15g smoked salmon


Ready-to-eat poppadoms

1 toasted crumpet and 1 tbsp lemon curd

Olives in brine, 125g

Pear, 310g (this is about two pears)

Two crispbreads, each spread with a tbsp reduced-fat soft cheese

Crisps (plain, or salt and vinegar),24g

Peanuts and raisins, 30g

Celery, 1.8kg

Carrots, 350g (three and a half large carrots)


Tomato salsa, 125g, plus two breadsticks


Baked beans in tomato sauce, 150g

Fun-size chocolate and caramel bar

Reduced-fat hummus, 50g

Milk chocolate, 25g (four squares)

Mini chocolate roll

Four chocolate fingers

Boiled sweets, 35g (this is roughly five sweets)

Two fig roll biscuits

All-butter shortbread, 25g

Fruit and nut bar with chocolate bar

Cereal bar, 35g

Liquorice Allsorts, 35g

One chocolate chip cake bar

Two and a half Jaffa cakes, 32g

One wheat breakfast biscuit with 125ml semi-skimmed milk

Half a bagel, 45g

Half a croissant

Cheddar cheese, 30g

Cottage cheese, 125g

Oatcakes, 30g (two biscuits)

Low fat, ready-to-eat custasrd, 150g

Bite-sized wheat breakfast cereal pieces, 35g

Chocolate chip cookies, 26g

Chocolate biscuts

Bran flakes, 38g

Sugar free muesli, 35g

Cashew Nuts, 20G

Four cream crackers


Almonds, 30g


Rice dessert, apple flavour, 200g


Ready-to-eat dried apricots, 80g


Toffee, 30g

One crumpet (40g) plus 5g (1 tsp) butter

Four slices of ham, 105g

Raisins, 45g


Dates, 45g (three dates)


Five salty crackers

Grapes, 210g

Banana, 130g one-and-a-half small bananas

Roast chicken (small leg), 100g

Sunflower seeds, 21.5g

Stringy cheese, 30g

Jelly sweets, 35g

Two digestive biscuits

Half a pitta bread, 40g, plus 10g (2 tsp) of regular hummus

Jelly beans 30 jelly beans

Cheesy dip pack with four breadsticks

Peanuts, 21g (roasted and salted)

Oranges, 335g

One third of a low-fat bacon, lettuce and tomato

Tortilla chips, 27g

Cherry tomatoes, 700g

Toffee popcorn, 30g

Four rice cakes

Strawberries, 465g

Rice and corn snacks, 30g pack, roast chicken flavour


One thick slice wholemeal bread


200ml apple juice

300ml cola

200ml cranberry juice

250ml mango juice

190ml whole milk

350ml orange juice

125ml sparkling caffeine and taurine energy drink

200ml tropical juice

275ml vanilla bean smoothie

270ml skimmed milk

150ml (one small glass) chocolate milk



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