Klingon Phrases

 may’ Daa jaHDI’ SuvwI’ juppu’ Daj lonbe

(When a warrior goes into battle, he does not abandon his friends)

tajwIj ‘oHbe’ chorlIj jeqbogh Dochvetlhe’e

(That is not my dagger protruding from your midsection)

QamuIs Heg qaq law’ lorvIs yInqaq puS

(Better to die on your feet than live on your knees)

pot’hbe’chug yay qatlh p”eghlu’

(If winning is not important, why keep score?)

bortaS blr jablu’Dl’reH QaQqu’nay’

(Revenge is a dish which is best served cold)

Duj HvoqtaH

(Always trust your instincts)


(Does it bite?)

qaStaH nuq jay

(What the @#$! is happening?!)

bljeghbe’chug vaj blHegh

(Surrender or die!)

ama’pu’ vljonta’ neH

(I wanted to capture prisoners!)

chuyDah yllaQ

(Fire the thrusters!)

Qapla’ Balth je’

(Honour and success)

tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’e’

(Do you speak Klingon?)

nuq Daq ‘oH puchp”e’

(Where is the bathroom?)

yIvoq ‘ach lojm Itmey yISam

(Trust, but locate the doors)

rot yittmey ghom Hoch

(Everyone encounters Tribbles occasionally)

Hiq DasammeH tach yI’el

(To find ale, go into a bar)


(What do you want?)

pIch vighajbe’

(It’s not my fault)

naDevvo’ yIghoS

(Go away!)


(What did you say?)

tlhIngan jIHbe’

(I am not a Klingon)

nuq Daq yuch Dapol

(Where do you keep the chocolate?)


(I do not understand)


(What happened?)


(Honoured and exalted one)

bItu Hpa’ bIHeghjaja

(Death before shame)

teskas tal’tai-kleon

(Complements to a worthy opponent)

DaHjajaj QaQ Daghajjaj

(Have a nice day)

rauDaqj IQongn ISq”a’

(Do I NEED to sleep on the floor?)

toDwI’maj qoSyItIvqu’

(Merry Christmas!)

Dochvam vIDop net pIH’a’

(Am I supposed to eat this?)

DuSaQ vumghzchwIj Sopta; targwIj

(My targ ate my homework!)




(I am honoured to see you)

jIjatlhpa’ jatlh Homvey

(The stars will talk before I will)

reH nay’meylIjyIn Dujablu’jaj

(may your dishes be always served alive)


(Take a hike. Please. Sir.)

jIQum ‘ej jIHoH

(I communicate and I kill)

jachchoHmeH ‘Iwraj penaghtaH

(Mate until your blood screams)

choSuvchugh ‘oy’lIj Daghur neH

(Struggling only makes it hurt more)

naDev qaS wanl’ ramqu’

(There’s nothing happening here)

batlh Daqawlu’taH

(You will be rembered with honour!)

yIn nI’ je chep

(Live long and prosper)

veQDuj’oH Dujllj’e’

(Your ship is a garbage scow!)


(That is unfortunate)


(Beam me aboard)

Dubotchugh yIpummoH

(If it`s in your way, knock it down)

batlh pothl law` yIn pothl puS

(Honour is more important than life)

bathl bIHeghjaj

(May you die well)

jeghbe` thlInganpu`

(Klingons do not surrender)

bomDI’ ‘IwwIj qaqaw

(The memory of you sings in my blood)

pujwI’ HIvlu’chugh quvbe’lu’

(There is no honour in attacking the weak)

bISovbejbe’DI’ tImer

(When in doubt, surprise them)

pop ‘oH ghob’e’

(Virtue is the reward)

reH ‘eb tu’lu’

(There is always a chance)

ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj

(May your enemies run with fear)

Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam

(It is a good day to die)

vay’ DaneHbogh yIchargh

(Conquer what you desire)

yIlop! wa’IeS chaq maHegh!

(Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!)

naDev qaS wanl’ ramqu’

(Nothing’s happening)


(I have a headache)


(I wasn’t there)


(You seem unhealthy)


(You are very ugly)


(Am I disturbing you?)


(You need a rest)

Bet’ala nog’tor

(Look at this)

Bosh-ta-jah Veridian

(Set course for Veridian?)

Cha Worf Toh’gah-nah lo Pre’tOk

(For he’s (Worf) a jolly good fellow)

tu maq Dagh cha doH boraq

(Which nobody can deny)

DaHjaj SuvwI”e’ jiH

(Today I am a warrior)

d’kar tel G’denna

(I want to see the blood running through your veins)

De-lak DOH!

(Take your stations!)

yIHarQo’! nepwI’ ghaH!

(Do not believe him! He is a liar!)

tlhIH ghIj jIHyoj

(I fear your judgement)

tIqwIj Sa’angnIS

(I must show you my heart)

SoS jIH batlh SoH

(Mother, I honor you)

Domach ‘a chIy ghoS ‘epagh

(Can you be a victor of the heart as well as the sword?)

ghIj ghet jaghmeyjaj

(May your enemies run in fear)

HIHIvqa’ may’ pequ’ moH

(The bile of the vanquished flows over my hands)

‘IStovIy chuch tlhIng nuq?

(Would you kill me too)

‘Iw bIQtIqDaq jIjaH

(I travel the river of blood)

jIbechrup may’ vIloS

(The battle is mine. I crave only the blood of the enemy)

jIH DoQ batlh

(I claim the honor)


(You have wounded me)

qoS toma ‘epaq qaver

(The day is not yet over)

meqlo boH qa mech

(I smell the burning of your blood)

paqIt pol

(If you don’t like it, don’t eat it!)

pIqar Durgh le vIraknIl

(You call this live?)

Qab jIH naghIl

(Face me if you dare)

teDoQ ruS qa mech-toH

(The fire is your doing)

buy’ ngop

(That’s great news!)

Hab SoSlI’ Quch!

(Your mother has a smooth forehead!)

qoSlIj DatIvjaj

(Happy birthday)

lojmIt yIpoSmoH!

(Open the door!)


(Don’t be silly)

tujqu’choH QuQ

(The engine is overheating)

‘arlogh Qoylu’pu’?

(What time is it?)


(Will you sin?)

charghbej vIt

(The truth shall conquer)

reH nuHmey tu’lu’

(There are always weapons)



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